Meet the Maker: Annabel Warne

We had the pleasure of visiting Annabel Warne in her Cremorne studio to talk about her work as an illustrator, it’s challenges, and her favourite SUK fits.

Meet the Maker: Sienna Barton

For our first interview, we sat down with artist, writer and all round babe,  Sienna Barton to talk art, life, and her favourite SUK fits.

Wrapping Up Climate Month

Climate month is over and with your help we’ve managed to raise a stack for our favourite climate organisations.

Climate Month at SÜK

In the lead up to the UN Climate Change Conference in November, we wanted to talk a little bit about our sustainability practice and what we’re planning for the future.

The Impeccable Energy of Natasha Vomit

We sat down with EN.V [aka Natasha], our OG SÜK muse and campaign music composer, to learn about her evolution as an artist, her creative process, the equipment behind her sound, and important lessons from...

Birth of the Boiler suit: From Apocalypse to Femme Revolution.

The boiler suit tells us a revealing story about the past century of labour, life, culture, and what's ahead for us in the future.

In celebration of the Women’s Circus

I found SÜK whilst out at sea. I was halfway through my first contract working on long-haul ships and the standard-issue boilersuit made me sweat and chafed my thighs raw. It was also ugly as...