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We build upon bad reviews.

Here at SÜK we keep our arms open to constructive feedback.

You all know and love our soft sturdy drill ‘it’s like a second skin’ we’ve heard said on the daily.

But also, some of you, especially those who spend time on abrasive surfaces, told us you needed something tougher.

Whilst we know you can go and get a durable pair of poly-cotton pants for half the price - you come to us cause you wanna look good, you love the earth and don’t wanna fill her with plastic.

So we took this dilemma seriously.

We say no to poly-cotton. There we said it.

It makes us sweat and despite its part-cotton DNA it will still take hundreds of years to break down. If ever. That won’t do.

So we labored on this one.

And created the ULTIMATE heavy weight CANVAS COTTON fabric for the winter drop of your dreams. And in the same unbelievable SÜK cuts.

Our canvas is slightly soft to the touch, thick, completely lush and 100% all natural fibers. As it should be.

Test our Canvas collection worry free - with FREE EXCHANGES.