SÜK x Fifteen Trees

SÜK x Fifteen Trees

As a part of SÜK Workwear’s commitment to environmental sustainability, we are introducing a special initiative in celebration of our new Collector’s Edition Camo campaign.

We're doubling up on our ongoing partnership with local tree planting organization, Fifteen Trees.

Simply add the donation to your cart, and we'll do the rest. Click here to donate.

What's even more exciting is that we'll be matching every dollar you contribute, up to at least $5000.

We donate to Fifteen Trees every month, but this October, with your help, we wanna super charge our efforts with the launch of our Camo collectors drop. We wanna see this special limited run inspire the planting of a small forest to disappear into.

So far, our collaboration with Fifteen Trees has resulted in the planting of an impressive 655 trees and native bushes in rural Victoria. 

Fifteen Trees, an Australian organization situated in the Central Highlands of Victoria, has been championing tree planting since 2009. Their small team works hand in hand with a network of independent native nurseries and community groups, including Landcare, and local schools, across the country. 

But what sets Fifteen Trees apart is their approach to tree planting. They empower these community groups to be the stewards of the land, providing them with the trees and support needed to make a difference. When you donate to Fifteen Trees, you're not only contributing to a greener future, but you're also supporting these dedicated, volunteer-driven groups. 

Local native plant nurseries also benefit from this collaborative effort. They play a vital role in propagating native trees using indigenous seeds from the area, ensuring that the trees planted are well-suited to their environment. This means there is a higher success rate for these trees and ensures a balanced ecosystem. 

Speaking of ecosystems, planting indigenous trees is an incredibly important part of Fifteen Trees mission. It encourages native wildlife to take root and flourish within the newly established flora. This creates self-sustaining ecosystems that are crucial for biodiversity and the overall health of our planet. 

You don’t need to be buying Camo to support this incredible local organization, just add the donation product to your cart, and we'll take care of the rest.

Thank you to Fifteen Trees for making thoughtful tree planting so easy, and thank you to you all for supporting our obsession to get as many roots in the ground as possible. 
Let’s do this 💪


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