Double Rainbow Drop

Double Rainbow Drop

Mimosa here, SÜK Founder, and a proud new mumma 
You all requested a PASTEL REPEAT - So we chose your two favourite colours for a very special DOUBLE RAINBOW DROP in celebration of the birth of our baby girl last month: A joyful, double ‘rainbow baby.  
It's also an opportunity to talk about the two miscarriages I had prior and bring some discussion into a silent realm of life. 
Definition: A rainbow baby is a term used to describe a birth after pregnancy loss. Representing beauty after a dark time. 
Whilst miscarriage is a perfectly natural and extremely common part of many pregnancy experiences, it was a shock to feel how difficult it was to discuss with others. The experience for me was made all the harder seeing those around me not know how to engage.  

It showed me that silence is the breeding ground for shame and its only antidote seems to be discussion. I find whenever I mention my miscarriages to others I am overwhelmingly met with ‘that happened to me too’ or to someone’s sister, lover or mother, and often it’s said in a way that tells me their story has seen very little light of day and carries a lonely weight.  
So with this big beautiful DOUBLE RAINBOW drop, I’m wearing these pastels with pride. My losses made me a mother, they showed me what love is all about and a resilience I didn’t know I was capable of. The baby girl I have in my arms now truly is the light after the storm, and the journey I took to get here has made me more the woman I want to be.  
I want to celebrate the losses that transformed me as well as the new life I am so lucky enough to have birthed. 

:rainbow:mosa :rainbow:


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