PART 2: How it Sucks - When Your Workwear No Longer Fits Your Pregnant Body

PART 2: How it Sucks - When Your Workwear No Longer Fits Your Pregnant Body

Pregnancy Glow vs. Workwear Woes: The Struggle for the Perfect Fit

As Samatha and I considered creating our pregnancy suit, we realized it was the perfect opportunity to address the requests for a style that also fit out masculine bodies and rounder bellies. So we got to work on creating something that was adjustable, comfortable and still full of the SÜK sex appeal.

Samantha’s Genisus: Two Sizes in One

The second sample fitting as my pregnancy progressed. Note the extender buttons in action to fit my belly. 

Samantha had a stroke of brilliance - she added a second set of extender buttons on each side of our new 100% cotton overall design. Creating dungarees with 'two sizes in one'! The extender buttons would provide the prefect SÜK fit through the waist and hips with optional room to find a svelte fit over larger bellies and blooming baby bumps like ours.

Our new Dungarees - The Brumby suit - was born. Designed with a more relaxed fit, she includes a seamlessly hidden flap at the waist band that adjusts to different tummy shapes and sizes. It also features a back waist tab that can be cinched to get that perfect fit no matter the body shape.


Samantha and her husband trying out the same Brumby sample. Minor changes were made to this before the final version was approved. Samantha is in her third trimester.

We’ve also kept to our favourite 100% Fairtrade cotton canvas, because that’s another thing about pregnancy clothes - they are always made of Lycra, and nobody needs that additional sweat factor when pregnant.

The third sample fitting during my third trimester in the Dingo canvas. We had the fit nailed. 

Introducing the Brumby


The finished version. Hannah uses the non-extended buttons on the side of the suit for a closer fit. 

Samantha and I are very excited to introduce the Brumby Suit >> Now, both of us with a babe on our hip, are still wearing this style, living, working and breast feeding in them. It’s one of our most versatile and inclusive designs to date. Now every body can rock up to work feeling comfortable and looking slick, no matter your shape, SÜK’s got your back.

~ Mimosa x


  • Team SÜK on

    They are available online now! Here’s the link:

  • Tiffany on

    Can’t wait for these to be available! When will they be online to purchase?

  • Ellen on

    Oh my god!! Last week I was mourning the fact my Sük workwear was starting to get too tight as I get further into my pregnancy, so this is the best news! So exciting! Thank you xxxxx

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