I SWORE we would never make a dress

I SWORE we would never make a dress

I SWORE we would never make a dress

This is one blew my hair back a little. I SWORE that there would never be a dress - in either my wardrobe or on our website.

But you guys asked, so I doubled down and got to it. And the result is a legit dress. One that even I, a dress-fearing Tomboy, would wear.

The list of requirements was IMPOSSIBLE

The switch came about after several years of requests for a work-dress, or a pinafore, or an apron. To begin with I flatly refused these demands (sorry about that, but I was young and stubborn.) But then when you guys wouldn’t let up, I figured, as always, you knew better. So I caved (as always I should). I decided to take it on as a worthy and exciting challenge - how to make a work dress that was:

  • Tough enough to give you that incredible SÜK ‘I can do anything, go anywhere & be anyone’ feeling
  • Flexible enough to act as an apron
  • Hardwearing enough to work in and slick enough to go out in.
  • EXTREMELY well-fitted
  • Hardy and still fem

No big deal, just the regular list of impossible demands we pile into our design process. This is the kind of challenge, Samantha (the SÜK pattern maker) and I thrive on. So after a few chaotic doodles by me, we jumped into It.

Part Apron, Part Shield, Part Mini-Dress

From the first toile we knew we had something really fun. With a few changes we developed a really exciting garment that I LOVED right from the start. It’s part mini-dress, part apron, part SHEILD - cause when you put it on you feel protected, handy and a little bit like very hot stuff 🔥.

It’s has a hem that lands just above the knee - the perfect height to show a bit of leg, or to layer over a pair of pants for a full-body-armour-feel.
It’s also got buttons all the way up the side to access your pockets or to rip it off in a hurry - we were thinking this might be handy for a busy mum running from garden to house, a cafe worker under the pump or a tired worker who needed to get into the bath PRONTO (we’ve all been there) - but we’ll let your imagination run away with you 🌹.

Being made out of our heavy weight canvas really does add an element of tough - but also, because it holds its shape, the expertly crafted fit ( thank you Samantha - you genius) makes this garment extra flattering and femme ⌛. A little quirk to this unique style is in the name ‘The Switch’ - because it’s fully reversible. Samantha and I couldn’t decide which neckline we liked better - The v-neck or the square-front. We discussed, took photos, compared and discussed, and liked them both so much we kept them both 🤷‍♀️.

We ensured that both front and back seams were evenly fitted for busts and bums whilst still maintaining perfect shape. The sturdy waist adjuster also flips from front to back and can fasten both sides for an extra snug fit. Let me take a moment to expound upon her kooky virtues:

  • Full side access and hardy pockets
  • You can take it off and put on in literally 2 seconds flat
  • Tailored to be roomy and comfortable AND ALSO SNATCH THE WAIST like a fully femme mini-dress
  • Made of heavy weight canvas to stand up to hard work
  • Fully machine washable
  • Waist adjuster that can be done up on either side
  • Handy D-ring to hang your important stuff from

And now this is something special

The Switch is a special garment, and once again it simply wouldn’t exist without your suggestions and input, thank you. I love how your suggestions push and inspire us to make what seems impossible to us, come to life.

I’ll be rocking this dress-apron-shield into old age.

~ Mimosa x



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