Mimosa’s 3 Pivotal Reads of 2022

Mimosa’s 3 Pivotal Reads of 2022

As we start to see the back of 2022 & have a little more time for reading - we made a quick blog of Mimosa’s top 3 pivotal reads for 2022 - books are lyf.
Happy reading eating sleeping 🌞❤️🌞

(in no particular order)

Black and Blue
by Veronica Gorrie

Winner of several big literary prizes this year, Veronica Gorrie writes about her upbringing, life as a mother and experience as a First Nations police officer. As someone who doesn’t feel very ‘academic’ I can struggle with non-fiction books but this memoir is written with incredible rawness and urgency that I was completely enveloped. I actually read this in 2021 when it was first published but gave it to my mum to read this year which was the catalyst for many long conversations. It’s one of those books I want to give everyone to read, it feels so important. 

The Long Answer
by Anna Hogeland

An extremely rare novel that approaches miscarriage, pregnancy loss, sisterhood and gestation in a radically honest and exhilarating manner. As someone who has experienced multiple miscarriages there were times when reading this, I felt like someone had crawled into my brain and transcribed some of its chaos. This could be a lifeline for anyone experiencing pregnancy loss or grief and a properly readable resource for those wanting to understand or support loved ones. It works as a fascinating novel as much as it is a cathartic manuscript.

 Detransition, Baby
by Torrey Peters

Impossible to capture the plot of this book is a few sentences, it is a real hoot of a novel that deals with heavy hitting topics around queer families, Trans experience and also, somehow, a hot take on woke politics and all the awkward, funny and important conversations that can come with that. Miraculously, Torrey Peters makes it all a seriously fun time in a book I didn’t want to put down.


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