A Sweaty Problem

A Sweaty Problem

A sweaty problem

When I first got serious about launching a workwear label, I was dead keen to develop two lines:
  • A heavy-weight SOFT cotton drill that felt like an old favourite (check), and
  • A lighter-weight fabric option that could fit out the workers in warmer climates and be slick enough to translate to the beaches, boats & summertime bars.

I felt like having these two options would cater for the whole country: Anyone from the top end to the bottom of Tassie, looking for good-looking, perfect-fitting workwear & durable staples would be covered.

As great as cotton drill is, anyone that has worked in a hot, physical environment knows that it can be exhausting when you feel like you can’t breathe in your work clothes (let alone soaking in your own sweat!). And some of just run damn naturally hot 🔥.

I was desperate for an answer. But as I got stuck into the nitty-gritty of the development process - I couldn’t find the right lightweight fabric that was both breathable and durable - nothing was PERFECT - and so rather than compromise, reluctantly, I put the idea in ice.

Saving pilots from certain doom

Parachute Training Of Women S Royal Army Corps On November 26Th 1964 (Photo by Keystone-France/Gamma-Keystone via Getty Images)

BUT THEN >> About eighteen months ago my brother told me about ripstop - a fabric developed specifically to be lightweight and hardwearing…In the 1940s aeronautical engineers needed a light-weight solution to save pilots when they bailed out of stricken aircraft. Parachutes needed to be light – but a tear could spell doom!

Engineers discovered that by weaving a stronger (and often thicker) reinforcing yarn at regular intervals in a crosshatch (square) pattern through the fabric made it more resistant to tearing and ripping. The result was Ripstop fabric which provided a light material that prevented small tears for easily spreading. It’s all in the name: this fabric is designed to ‘stop a rip’ if it snags, by catching on the stronger, reinforcing thread 😎👌😎.

It wasn’t long before Ripstop was being used for hang gliding, sky driving and hot air ballooning. In clothing it really found its niche in tropical climates. Outdoor enthusiasts wanted something other than cotton drill that could breathe and wouldn’t be torn to shreds in the jungles and scrub. Lightweight cotton ripstop was the prefect solution.

And shortly after - smart tradies and workers started swapping out their heavier cotton drill canvas work gear for cotton ripstop when the weather got warm. The open weave was cooler and the reinforcing yarns providing a tough fabric that held up under the extra worksite stress.

The prefect light weight fabric

The more I learnt & tested, the more certain I was I’d finally found our perfect lightweight option… 100% cotton ripstop – the same fabric weaving technique used for yacht sails, wing suits, army uniforms and hot air balloons - so you know this stuff is the real deal.

I was also super excited that we could design this lightweight material without polyester or plastic in it. Plastic doesn't breathe and makes things super sweaty. It also takes like a hundred years to break down. Yukky!

FINALLY, I’d found the fabric, and the SÜK production team set about ensuring a seamless production of our first RIPSTOP COLLECTION, just in time for the summer ahead.

These garments are a slight departure from our soft drill classics. They will arrive to you with a slightly crisp, pressed finish, that will soften to your body and wash and wear beautifully with age. They will feel incredibly breathable and like all 100% cotton garments, will soften a little with wear (there is nothing more wonderous than vintage cotton ripstop – so soft and buttery yet tough!)

Check the fit

Unlike cotton drill, ripstop fabric is what the experts call an ‘open weave’. This makes the fabric lighter and more breathable, but unlike the denser drill it won’t stretch and change shape naturally (particularly at the waist). As a result - f you are in between sizes, we recommend sizing up in our Ripstop garments and use our fabulous side adjusters to sinch the waist. This has been a long time coming with many years of dreaming and researching. We hope this answers all your summer (and hot weather working) dreams.

 ~ Mimosa x

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