“Once in a while, we stumble across brands that are truly exciting. Brands that have been created by passionate people, people that love what they do, driven by values that we all understand are particularly important today! Quality, sustainability, longevity, repairability – values that ensure the products we use last as long as possible.

Buy the best you can afford, make sure it was made by people who are paid fairly and the environmental footprint to create the product in the first place is as small as can be!

At Keoma we apply product stewardship! We love our products and care where and how they are sold to the end-user. Sustainability on all levels is always on our minds and in most cases, we can even offer a repair service for the products we are responsible for, in order to maximise their lifespan.”

Marcel Goerke, Managing Director, Keoma Pty Ltd.

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Address: 266 Brunswick St, Fitzroy VIC 3065

Phone: (03) 9948 7872