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Working a decade in labour roles offered some of the hardest and most rewarding working years of my life.

One of the most annoying aspects of the work was daggy and uncomfortable workwear not made for a body like mine. Whilst there was some women’s workwear on offer, it seemed to be only slight-altered men’s workwear, but definitely not intended for a chubby and curvy body like mine.

I spent many years thinking about what the perfect work gear would look like. And as I started to bring it physically to life, I was surprised at how much interest my samples got when I walked around town. It made me realize how many women out there were looking for a community to feel inspired by.

As I wobbled SÜK into life I leant into the community for feedback and direction in order to perfect our range - right from the leg length of the trousers, the number of buttons on our overalls, and the selection of colourways we offered.

It’s the details that can make a garment sing and in turn make you feel invincible - so we never shied away from listening to every piece of feedback that’s come our way. What this collaboration-of-sorts has created are truly beautiful garments.

Made to do anything and look REALLY freakin GOOD.

~ Mimosa x