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Camo: Collector's Edition

A one-time thing, in limited numbers.

We’ve had so much fun developing our Collector’s Edition: Camo Collection. We wanted to make something that spoke to being within the natural world, to wear it on your sleeve, literally, to view the environment both natural & urban as an ecosystem to live within and respect. We also wanted, as usual, to make something slick and fun that made you feel like a billion bux.

SÜK X Fifteen Trees

Over the years, as we witnessed bushfires, lockdowns, and extreme climate events, we felt a growing need to address our impact on the environment and reconnect with nature, despite our urban lifestyles.

For this drop, we are partnering with Fifteen Trees - an organisation that focuses on the reduction of carbon footprint. 

SÜK will match every dollar donated by you up to $5,000.

We’ve been pouring a lotta love into this one, we hope it’s exactly what you hoped for.