SÜK Ethics

SÜK workwear is created by two manufacturers in Pakistan are at the forefront of ethical & ecological production practices.

SÜK workwear use 100% Fairtrade cotton from transparent supply chains. Our Fabric Mill in Lahore adheres to The Standard 100 by OKEO-TEX — one of the world’s most progressive standards, and a scrupulous regulatory body. This means SÜK’s fabric never include chemicals harmful to your skin, nor does its production have any harmful ecological impact. In sum: SÜK’s fabric is human and earth-friendly.

Our garments are assembled in a family run factory which adheres to standards set by the amfori BSCI System Manual. Compliance ensures that SÜK clothing is made in a workplace that is non-discriminatory, does not use child labour, has special protection for young workers, allows for collective bargaining and freedom of association, has fair working hours, pays the same or more than the local minimum wage, offers secure employment, and uses sustainable methods in all stages of production (you can learn more about these standards here).

"I made your clothes"

SUK Ethics

Knowing where and how our garments are made is crucial to us — equally as important as the welfare, dignity and livelihoods of the people who make them. Our brand founder spent weeks in Pakistan visiting factories and mills, looking for the right manufacturing partnership. “I would not have taken this business on if I was not able to manufacture these garments ethically.”

After one initial visit to the factory in Lahore, she could see it was a business that valued the work and skill of their employees, and a team she would be proud to work with. She has spent months working alongside them since, observing every stage of production, all the way through to checking and packing.

We know who made your clothes. And we are proud to call them our partners.

SUK Ethics


Our HQ & Retail shop is situated on the stolen lands of the Wurundjeri People of the Kulin Nation. We would like to show our respects to the Traditional Custodians, to Elders past, present and emerging. We recognize their great knowledge and care of the lands and waterways we work and live on.

 We are committed to ‘Paying The Rent’ with monthly donations to Grassroots Collective. Visit their website to learn more and make a donation.

Always was, always will be, Aboriginal land.


Photo courtesy of Alessia Francischiello