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Cropped Roper Suit

The Cropped Open Front Overall

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Our perfected overalls, with a cropped leg, cause you’ll wanna wear this style all year long. With a little extra leg room to kick back in too.

• Front bodice seams to support all bust sizes
• 100% Fairtrade Cotton
• Heavy duty 310 gsm fabric with a soft hand feel
• V-neck opening
• Quality brass hardware
• YKK Zips
• Tailored waist closure
• Front pleats for flatter hip fit
• relaxed leg for full movement
• Adjustable back straps to fit various height
• Cropped leg with a little extra room.
• Heavy hems, perfect to roll up or extra length to take down

We make all our classic styles from a heavy duty 310 gsm 100% Fairtrade cotton drill, with a lightly brushed finished. This means it’s heavy duty, breathable and soft to the touch.

As this is natural material, this fabric does have its limitations: like most 100% cottons, with constant wear, tear and laundering, the cotton can weaken over time. So whilst our styles are designed for long term, day to day use, if you are kneeling on abrasive surfaces regularly, we suggest investing in some knee pads to avoid rips and holes.

Gloria wears size 16 in blue
Mara wears size 10 in blue
Riana wears size 10 in black
Abbey wears size 24 in black
Sue wears size 8 in green
Tamika wears size 20 in green

Named after the perfect style of work boot, worn day in and day out by our founder Mimosa.
A roper can also be craftsman who makes ropes or a person who works a lasso.

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