Warehouse Conversations: Fat Chats

Warehouse Conversations: Fat Chats


My name is Meaghan, and I'm the Marketing Coordinator for SÜK. That's me in the photo!

I’m so excited to bring together some true champions of the Melbourne plus size community. Discussing and sharing our experiences is one of the best ways to connect, but also to explain the emotions behind the lived experience of being fat. 

In this video, we meet Maria, Sam, Samantha and myself, Meaghan. We are 4 very different bodies, but we share a sense of community that is unique to being plus size. This was filmed by the amazing Tatanja and Oliver from On Jackson Street, two more plus size people. I’m grateful for the trust that was placed in me by everyone to bring this production together.  

One of the reasons I joined SÜK was because of the changes that Mimosa and Samantha had made in the sizing, and the honestly revolutionary, approach to sizes. 

I have worked in the fringes of fashion for many years, and I saw how brands dealt with the “plus size issue.” It was an arduous task that was constantly pushed to the back of schedules and the tail end of seasons.

“It could ruin the business!”,
“It’s not the customers we want”
“But we already go to an 18”

Honestly, I’ve heard every excuse under the sun as to why a brand can’t, or won’t, clothe me. 

That doesn’t mean SÜK is perfect. But perfect is the enemy of good.  

And that’s why it’s a work in progress. The job isn’t done, and we will continue to keep pushing, revising, testing, and planning our sizes and garments. We welcome feedback, and we welcome discussion.  

All of the people in this video have been part of SÜK’s size journey, and the diversity of our experiences and our bodies is truly a testament to the unrelenting work that has been put into the garments we sell. It’s more than just a pair of pants or some overalls, it’s our life.  




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